- About us -


Rawganic was established and founded in September 2021 by Kim Goodger. Kim, a local hairdresser and salon owner is passionate about the planet, environment, animals and living a sustainable lifestyle herself,set about opening Rawganic to help encourage others to do the same.

Rawganic is a small independant zero waste organic store based in Dartford. Rawganics goal is to help the community to lead a more ethical and healthy lifestyle. this can be done through cutting down on or in some cases eliminating plastic all togetherand choosing products with little impact to the people who grow and produce them and of course the planet. we only stock organic goods from the fresh fruit and vegetables to the dried foods from our dispensary. they are free from chemical pesticides, not genrally modified and produced in a less energy intensive process. we aim to only purchase from local sources, British growers and independant businesses. mainly from in and around kent, therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

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